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Specialty Blend Bonsai Soil

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Our specialty, hand crafted bonsai soil blend for repotting bonsai trees is made of red lava rock, composted conifer bark and haydite. Tested and refined over 25 years, we are confident you will be very satisfied with this professional quality mix.

Lava rock makes an excellent substrate as it retains water but doesn't all bonsai tree roots to grow into it. Lava rock is solidified molten igneous rock that has flowed from volcanic eruptions. 

Haydite makes an excellent addition to bonsai soil substrate as it is a unique, lightweight aggregate prepared by expanding select minerals (such as shale, clay and slate) in a rotary kiln at temperatures over 2200°F.

Conifer bark (or "pine bark") is an organic material that contributes nutrients and also functions as a storage place for moisture. It decomposes relatively slowly but just quickly enough to supply nourishment for the tree. The conifer bark in our blend has been personally composted by our team to begin the decomposition process and sifted to remove dust and lumps.

Features of our handcrafted bonsai soil blend:

  • Provides excellent aeration which provides oxygen to the roots of the bonsai tree
  • Has water-retention properties which supply moisture to your bonsai tree between each watering
  • Allows excess water to drain quickly from the pot which prevents water salt build up and root rot
  • Known to help with strong root regeneration, especially with newly collected trees
  • Contributes organic nutrients to supply nourishment for the tree
  • Granule sizes range in mix from approximately 5-10mm

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Quantity per bag: 1.5 lbs is approximately 4 cups of bonsai soil