balanced bonsai tree fertilizer pellets
balanced bonsai tree fertilizer pellets

Bonsai Fertilizer

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Our slow dissolving, premium quality bonsai fertilizer pellets can be sprinkled on the top layer of your bonsai soil. These pellets are designed to release a small amount of nutrients to your tree over 3-6 months each time you water your bonsai tree.

These bonsai fertilizer pellets contain Phosphate, Ammonia and Nitrogen in a balanced 10-10-10 formulation which is ideal for bonsai trees.

Only a very small amount of fertilizer pellets are required. Our recommended dosage is 1/2 tsp for a tree in a 8" pot every 6-12 weeks during the growing season or when repotting your tree in fresh soil.

Quantity per package: 100g (approximately 40 doses)