black lava rock bonsai soil
Substrate particle sizes

Black Lava Rock

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Lava Rock makes an excellent addition to bonsai soil substrate as it retains water but doesn't allow bonsai tree roots to grow into it. Lava rock is a solidified molten igneous rock that has flowed from volcanic eruptions.

Lava rock also makes an excellent top dressing and can also be used in a humidity tray.

Features of Black Lava Rock:

  • Provides excellent aeration which provides oxygen to the roots of the bonsai tree
  • Has water-retention properties which supplies moisture to your bonsai tree between each watering
  • Allows excess water to drain quickly from the pot which prevents water salt build up and root rot
  • Known to help with strong root regeneration, especially with newly collected trees
  • Substrate particles are mostly 1/8-1/4" with some variation

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Quantity per bag: 1.5 lbs is approximately 3 cups of black lava rock