Japan White Pine Bonsai Tree Seeds for sale in Canada
Japan White Pine (Pinus Parviflora) Bonsai Seeds for Sale Canada

Chinese White Pine (Pinus Armandi) Bonsai Seeds

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White Pine (Pinus Armandi) Bonsai Seeds

50-70% germination rate

Quantity: 5 seeds

Germination Instructions for  White Pine Trees:

Chinese White Pine Trees require a 24-hour soaking period in a dish of lukewarm or room temperature water. After their pre-soak, we recommend that the seeds are placed in the refrigerator, along with some bonsai soil or potting soil, in a sealed ziplock bag. The soil must be kept moist during this time so check the ziplock bag occasionally and mist with water when necessary.

After a 2-3 months, your pine tree seeds can be placed in paper cups or bonsai pots with a high quality bonsai soil mixture. Water soil thoroughly before planting seeds.

Once your pot is ready, sow seeds approximately 3/8" deep. Cover the pot with plastic, and put in a warm, bright place (75° to 85° F). Due to their tender nature, seedlings cannot withstand dry conditions. Mist and water regularly to ensure moist growing conditions.

Plant 2-3 seeds per container and pinch off undesired seedlings after the first set of true leaves appear.


Photo credit of tree: Ted