How a Bonsai Tree Can Change Your Life

Bonsai starter kit

Small daily changes in routine can be the catalyst for better habits and improved quality of life. Introducing a living work of art into your home, such as a bonsai tree, can be just one example as they require frequent tending and observation to thrive. Unlike regular houseplants, bonsai trees require a bit more love, attention and hands on care – however the personal benefits and rewards are numerous.

Benefits of bonsai tree care

Increased mindfulness

Mindfulness is the state of being conscious or aware of something. To be fully present and aware of where we are and what we’re doing. You can use the daily routine of watering your bonsai tree, checking for potential health issues and ensuring it keeps its pleasing shape as part of your overall mindfulness practice. 

Decreased stress

The short pauses we insert into everyday life to relax and enjoy a personal hobby can help us merge meditation with activity which can help to release pent up stress and provide something to look forward to each day. Being in nature, or even viewing scenes or elements of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. 

Goal setting

While beginners may simply have the goal of keeping their bonsai tree alive and healthy, others may have a desire to shape their bonsai into unique expressions. Caring for you Bonsai over time and setting goals along the way for the care and design of your tree can create a deep sense of satisfaction.

Creative expression

Bonsai tree care is an art form that traces back over 2000 years. Bonsai is all about trees grown in miniature, time, life, space and illusion. Shaping and forming your bonsai tree, selecting its pot and choosing its accessories (such as moss and mud men) are all creative activities which can evolve continuously. 

How to get started

Getting started with a bonsai tree doesn't need to be complicated. Bonsai trees suitable for beginners can be ordered online or purchased from local hobbyists and gardening centres or sometimes even your grocery store.

Here are a few tips on purchasing your first bonsai tree:

  • If you want to keep your bonsai tree indoors, choose a species suitable for indoor growing. Avoid hardy deciduous trees like maples and evergreens like pines and junipers. 
  • Ensure the tree has good colour and shows signs of fresh growth
  • Check that the bonsai pot has one or more large holes to allow extremely good drainage
  • Ensure that bonsai tree has good quality soil specifically designed for bonsai. The tree should not be potted in regular gardening soil. 
  • Check for training wire. If bonsai training wire has been used to shape the tree, check to ensure that it isn't biting into the bonsai tree's branches as it can leave scaring marks. Ensure to use proper bonsai tree wire cutters to remove any wire which has gotten too tight as the tree has grown.
  • Research the species of bonsai tree which you have acquired for additional, specific instructions and information as many species require slightly different care

Consider purchasing a bonsai starter kit

If you are just getting started with bonsai tree care, you may need a few items to keep your tree alive and thriving. The Bonsai Tool & Supply Company of Canada has put together specially selected bonsai kits for a variety needs including beginners and gifts.

If you recently purchased a tree and need help selecting supplies for it, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help!