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What bonsai tools should I start with?

There are many options for bonsai tools and what supplies you should start with depends on the kind of tree you have and the type of work you plan on doing. A complete set of tools generally includes bonsai shears, wire cutters (manufactured for bonsai styling, not regular wire cutters), jin pliers, knob cutters, concave cutters, wire in various sizes, a root hook and a broom. As a beginner, you can generally start with just bonsai shears for a while. However, if you plan on starting with untrained nursery stock or collecting trees from the wild, you will find a lot of the other tools helpful. At a minimum, we would recommend these as a basic bonsai tool starter set: Bonsai...

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5 Tips for Pruning Bonsai Trees

There are generally two types of pruning when caring for bonsai. General maintenance pruning helps your bonsai tree maintain its shape and can be performed at any time. Structural pruning, to refine your bonsai's shape or create a new style, requires a few considerations. Here are 5 great tips to consider when pruning your bonsai tree: 1) Most trees prefer not being pruned This is important to keep in mind as a guiding principle of bonsai care. The extra leaves and branches on your bonsai help to keep your tree strong and healthy. The best time to prune your bonsai tree is when it is growing strongly and has a bushy look to it. If you can easily count the number of leaves on your bonsai tree, you...

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